Friday, September 17, 2010

I did it!

So I did it, I'm officially a brunette! I LOVE it! I don't miss being blonde at all...yet, anyway.

and more great news, I have a great job at a salon that I love! I have the cutest hot pink business cards and I went with the Verocolor color line and I love it. I also have a room at another salon where I will be doing waxing and facials and occasional cut and color. I absolutely love being a stylist, it is so much fun to make people feel good about themselves.

On another note, my 4 year old desperately needs preschool. I am searching and all the good schools have a 2 or 3 year waiting list, so at least I know to enroll Lexi now so I won't have this problem. I did find a catholic preschool and a Waldorf based preschool that have openings. However, I am disapointed that all the Montessori schools have no openings! So next week is school searching time and hopefully we will find one we love! By the way, is it wrong that I hope the catholic preschool has uniform because there is nothing cuter than a preschooler in a school uniform!!! My boyfriend doesn't agree. haha.

Lexi is doing great still with her cloth diapers. I do, however, need to buy more. I want to experiment with other kind so I am going to do research on that today as well. Off I go for a day full of errands!