Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby names...

Baby boy names...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have just come back from my 2nd ultrasound and everything went great. the ultrasound says I am 14 weeks when we were thinking 13 weeks so baby was a little bigger than they expected. He got a pretty good profile shot with the more advanced machine, it was really cool and it makes it so much more real, I could even feel little movements as he was rolling the thingy over my belly! Its just so weird that I have that little baby in my belly. I mean, my boobs hurt, I get sick all the time but I just don't really feel like I have a little person inside me yet. Im sure as I start to show more and the aches and pains that come with pregnancy arrive, I will feel differently. Also, we haven't told many people yet because we are waiting to get married first...its been a long time coming but I am waiting patiently, I know it will be soon!

P.S- Im only around 13/14 weeks so its a bit early to say but they said it looks like we are having a boy! So boy names here I come... ugh boy names are the hardest. I have to find the perfect one though. Heres Baby Johnson's profile shot...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its been a long time!

So... its been a while, but I have been so so super busy with working and kids that I just haven't really gotten around to blog BUT I recently starting becoming a stay at home momma again with the exception of working Saturdays at the salon. I missed being home with my babies and I love having this opportunity. Jarred has just gotten a raise and has been working long hours, which makes me sad but happy that he has a great job that he loves and that takes care of us.
So much has happened since I have been on here! I moved around to a couple of salons before I found one that I like and that has decent walk in traffic. However, if I had any idea how slow salons are around here at this time with the economy and all I would definitely opted for a different career and I still may do that in the future. I'm thinking possibly social worker for children? I would love to have a job where I am helping those in need and I want to make a positive difference in lives that really need help.
On another note... my little girl is now 15 months old and my little boy just turned 5! Time is flying by so fast, its hard to keep up. We just got back from Marine World which was a birthday trip for Everett and it was so much fun!
Last but not least, we are expecting a new little one to complete our family! I am 13 weeks as of tomorrow and no, it was not planned BUT we weren't really trying too hard to prevent considering that we have always talked about having our last one close in age with Lexi. We haven't told many people yet but I guess we should because they are going to guess when they start to see my growing belly! I always show is fast. Right now I kinda just look a little chubby around the waist. We are hoping for a boy but at the same time I wouldn't mind at all having another little princess. As long as the baby is healthy. Tomorrow we have an ultrasound, so I am excited about that and I will post pictures.
Its nice to be back on here!