Thursday, December 8, 2011

Knox Harper has made his debut... November 13!

So it's been a while since I have posted, we have been sans laptop for a few months now, due to me spilling milk on it whilst cooking pancakes... Yes I was pissed and yes my husband was pretty upset with me for a while but that's another story. I never could figure out how to use blogger on my iPhone and I guess I finally figured it out. Soon however, we will have an iPad that my husband and I are getting each other for Christmas so I am super excited about that, our old laptop was lame anyway :). On to more exciting news, our newest addition to the family has arrived and he is about 3 and 1/2 weeks now. We are so in love and he is so perfect and it is still so surreal that he is here in my arms already. I delivered him at 37 weeks gestation. I never even knew I was in labor, I woke up at around 1:00am with period like cramps and went to the bathroom to find some bloody show and just had a very strong feeling I needed to at least get checked at the hospital. I drove myself there, and I noticed my cramps turned into very consistent and painful contractions and when I finally got checked, they were shocked to see that I was already dialated to a 7 and a bulging bag if waters! I was scared to death because it was so unexpected and I was not prepared but long story short, Knox Harper came into this world at 2:00pm nov 13 with an apgar score of 10 and a great set of lungs! We had a short hospital stay and arrived home with our newest bundle of joy. The first week was rough with a latch on problem with nursing so I had to pump so he could be able to eat and the second week he learned to latch on perfect and has been doing great since. The first week he went from 7lbs to 6.9lbs and on the second week checkup he was 8.5 so he gained about 2lbs! That was a happy day :). Lexi and Everett love their new baby brother. We are lucky to have such wonderful children, they are so good to each other. Christmas is just around the corner and we still haven't fine shopping due to all the new baby craziness! But soon we will get too. Well, as sleep deprived as I am, I feel ready to passout at any moment but I will be updating more often. Also, soo. I will be sewing my own cloth diapers and I'm really excited!

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