Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trail Riding..

Trail riding. Taking your horse on an adventure on a beautiful and sunny day. What a beautiful, relaxing and adventurous thing to do. My favorite new "Mommy" alone time thing to do as well. My new horse is great on the trail and she is the perfect horse to hop on bareback, bitless and ride down the river bar, which happens to be a couple blocks away from her pasture. I could get lost all day with her, discovering new trails and taking in the scenery, if I had time. I know what I am going to be doing when my kids grow up! Next weekend, my husband and I decided to get a sitter and take our first trail ride together. Granted, he take our 3 year old mare who may be a bit spooky as she is inexperienced, but thats ok! He needs to bond with her anyway! Haha. Here is a cute pic collage I made after our trail ride.

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